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Home of the best headbandz you will ever wear. Let YoBandz™ be a part of your everyday hair routine! Clip-on headbandz are our thing and can be worn ALL day long!
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We all struggle with the comfort of wearing normal headbands due to having pressure behind the ears, causing headaches. We have made it our mission to provide our customers with the following:

  • An innovative, comfortable headbandz.

  • Can be worn all day long.

  • Can be worn with or without an N95 or regular mask. (see photo below)

  • Many fashionable colors to choose from.

  • Priced just right.

Why choose YoBandz™? We have revolutionized the way you wear your headbandz! We focus on making a unique, comfortable headbandz. We have made this product with quality material, comfort clips and bendable wire for the best fitting most comfortable headbandz you will ever wear!

Once you wear YoBandz™ you will never go back to wearing one of those painful headbands again. Gone are the headaches and pinching pain behind the ears. Make YoBandz™ part of your every day hair care routine!


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Nurses can wear the YoBandz with a N95 Mask

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