Hello, my name is Yo. I started this business with a deep passion for finding a comfortable fitting headbandz! 

I know good products and am happy to introduce you to YoBandz™!

After many years of wearing the everyday normal head bands, I found myself only wearing it for a short period of time because it would give me headaches causing pressure behind the ears and they were either too big or too tight.

YoBandz™ was started in my home with me designing a way to wear headbandz that are more comfortable for long periods of time. After many iterations of the product, I am happy to introduce a revolutionized headbandz that is so comfortable you will not want to take it off! This handmade headbandz has wire inserted into the braided quality material with clips-on barrettes added on each end. Our headbandz is innovative and is manufactured in the U.S.A. I am in the process of filing for a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) for being a woman minority owned business. 

I came up with this invention in January 2020, then COVID-19 hit and I had to put my new idea on hold because family, friends and co-workers needed masks. I have sewed and made 600+ masks and the money I made was Donated to Food Bank of NWI.

My goal is to hire a stay at home mother to help scale my product and am  wanting to purchase some sewing machines.

I just received my Entrepreneurs Bootcamp and Certificate. Am currently taking the Mujeres De HACE Entrepreneur Program and the The Lonely Entrepreneurs course to help further my business education. I am a passionate artist, having a Canvas paint and pour business for years and a crafting online business. I am currently working at Walgreens for the past 30+ years and I am a people person! I am an entrepreneur and local small business owner here to support the community and educate women on the positives of why YoBandz™ is what you want to have on your dresser when doing your hair!

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